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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fishing two days in a row?

Is there a better way to spend a weekend? I didn't think so either so this weekend I've been fishing both mornings.

Yesterday's trip was with buddy Kenny, first out to Willard Bay, where we got in for free using my newly minted fun pass and then later out to Bear River. We didn't catch any fish but we did have a great time in the fresh air. We watched big squadrons of pelicans circling overhead and a second group of the big white birds sitting on the bank near to our favorite fishing spot. I have pictures of them too but I'm too tired to get out of my chair to go find the camera.

We quit a bit early yesterday so that Kenny could get home and do some yard chores so I spent the afternoon doing yardwork of my own.

Today's fishing trip was a real treat- I went bass fishing with a buddy, Mike from work, out to Pineview Reservoir. Mike's a real bass fishing enthusiast and participates in tournaments all over the place, so I was pretty pleased when he invited me out for some fishing today.

The water's high right now in the reservoir but Mike figured to find smallmouths hanging in the flooded shallows and that's where we fished. And we did find a few, though not as many as Mike had hoped. He caught 4 or 5 but missed that many or more by not getting the hook set at the right time.

I only caught bass towards the time we were wrapping it up for the morning but it was at the same time Mike had a fish on, so at one point we had 2 fish on at the same time.

I did catch one exciting fish, a Musky that swam right past me carrying my bait before we both realized he had picked it up. I watched this 3 foot long mouthful of teeth and attitude swim right past me, just gliding past the boat, and about the time I said, "Hey, look at that fish!", my fishing line tightened up hard. I think the fish and I both figured out at the same time that we were connected. It was an exciting fight but Mike got him into the net and I eventually managed to wrangle the mangled tube jig out of his scary mouth and turn him loose.

But not before taking our picture- that's one of them I want off my cell phone!

Anyway it was a great half day and I spent the rest of the afternoon wrestling with my pressure washer and chatting with my dad, my boys and one of my brothers. And tonight, I'm pretty tired!

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